Designed for offices, condominiums and car parks

Useful for large amounts of users!

Manage the device via the Web

Total management of the device via Web PC via REMOTE portal.

User management , insertion - deletion via Remote WEB portal from PC.

Self registration

Users can self-register on the device independently with an SMS by sending a code.

Backup and Restore

Automatic backup and restore management on the device.

Control who enters and leaves your office

LOG device with number of caller and date.

Organize temporary access with times and dates

Revenue management with timetables differentiated by date, day, week, time.

Personalized SMS

Welcome SMS to users with customizable usage instructions.

  • BGates PRO device

  • REMOTE software

  • BGates SIM service 5 years

  • 10 Users

  • Free BGates App

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Business Gates Srl

BGates PRO

BGates PRO

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  • BGates PRO equipment included
  • REMOTE Software included
  • 5 year BGates SIM service included
  • Including 10 Users
  • Access log
  • Free BGates Business App
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