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BGatesGT can be used for many applications as
It can work with a pulse or an ON / OFF switch (bistable) or as an adjustable timer
minute. It can also send (via SMS) real-time notifications of what it is doing to whoever you want.
There are more than 70 commands available via SMS !
You can customize the texts of the reply SMS!

  • Access Control:

    You can use your device to control access to a
    door, gate or security system. By activating the relay via GSM or Bluetooth, you can allow access to authorized people.

  • Home automation:

    You can integrate the device into the automation system
    home to control lights, appliances or other electronic devices a

  • Alarm system:

    Use the device to activate an alarm system or siren
    in case of emergency or intrusion.

  • Irrigation control:

    Use your device to arm or disarm the system
    remote garden irrigation.

  • Garage control:

    You can control the opening and closing of garage doors
    via GSM or Bluetooth.

  • Industrial control:

    In an industrial context, the device could be
    used to activate or deactivate machinery or processes remotely.

  • Vehicle automation:

    You could integrate the device into vehicles to activate
    functions such as opening the trunk or starting the engine via GSM or Bluetooth.